installation views, 2024
kunstkamer - Bergstraat 27 - 9700 Oudenaarde


For the solo exhibition titled "Home", Hilde Goossens has carefully selected and arranged works around a staged painted table, symbolising domesticity and connection. The paper tablecloth with vibrant brushstrokes is lovingly wrapped around the table, painted plates are set out, tomato soup is suggested with red painted circles, and bordeaux paint is poured into two glasses.

Visitors are invited to explore three perspectives on "Home": The first perspective shows aerial views of houses and neighbourhoods, inspired by virtual visits through Google Maps. The second perspective focuses on the facades of our homes, each with its own unique identity. The intimate inner world is the third perspective. Starting with a top view of a dining table echoing the painted table, visitors are invited to explore intimate moments within the walls, moments of togetherness, reflection, and emotions that bind us to the place we call home.

Through this multidimensional exploration of "Home," the exhibition prompts visitors to reflect on the many facets of this universal concept, from tangible elements of daily life to deeper feelings of connection and identity that define us in our home environment.

Article published about this exhibition (in dutch).






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